Angry Father Chops Off 15-Year-Old Boy’s Manhood For Sleeping With His Daughter

A man has left a 15-year-old boy with a bitter lesson after he plucked out his eyes and cut off his manhood for allegedly sleeping with the daughter.

An angry dad is alleged to have sliced off a 15-year-old boy’s p*nis and gouged out his eyes because he thought the lad was sleeping with his daughter, according to Sun UK.

The incident left the young teenager almost dead as he was rushed to Jinnah Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan, where medics were able to save his life – but he was left disfigured and blinded in the horrific attack.

The incident came to light on Tuesday after the boy’s family claimed the girl’s family were responsible and demanded action against them.

The young lad’s dad claimed the girl’s father and three of his pals kidnapped the boy and attacked him – because the girl’s dad thought the pair were having a fling.

He claimed: “The girl’s dad and his accomplices kidnapped our son from his school and took him to a deserted place near Ravi river.



The teenager was said to have been found bleeding profusely by a passerby, who took him to hospital where he was treated for blood loss after the man-hood was chopped off and his eyes removed.

The incident is being investigated by Lahore Police, who have arrested all the accused in the case.

Senior police officer Haider Ashraf said: “We will submit the report of the case after completing investigation.”

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