Few Things You Must Know/Do For You To Have A Successful Relationship

A social media user, @whos_ya_dadi has shared his opinions on how to have a successful relationship. The user’s  thoughts were shared on the Instagram page of break_or_makeup.

1. Define your purpose of relationship: you wanna build for Marriage or you just wanna have a female/male company, s*x mate? You wanna flirt, make it known to her else treat her with utmost respect vice versa.

2. You may never know his/her true colour until you learn about each other. First thing is learn to understand, tolerate and respect each other. Most relationships succeed when they have these 3 qualities. Ask Annie Idibia. She is a living example.‎

3. Don’t rush into saying I love you in the first few ‎days of getting to know him/her cos you don’t. It doesn’t happen like that. Like is the appropriate word to use.

4. ‎Let your “I love you baby” come from the inner most part of your heart and please not when he is on top you because you are obviously not thinking straight at that point in time. You said it out of excitement and not genuinely. Let the first time be memorable and afterwards, always remind him/her how much you love him/her (for 2 responsible adults only)

5. Note this‎ 👍 The first few months of every relationships is always sweet. If you are lucky to have a good partner, be rest assured to continue with that trend for the rest of you relationship.

6. Please quarrel. If you don’t, you are faking it and I don’t know how long you will leave with the fake life. There is no harm in having misunderstanding with your partner but please make sure it does not extend to next day.

7. Learn to say”I am sorry baby” It will not kill you, rather it will save you so much trouble in your relationship. When you say it, make sure your partner is looking at you and please be sincere with it. Do not abuse it please.

8.‎Go for what you want. If you have penchant for big b**bs, b*tt, fair ladies/guys, beard gang/pepper dem Gang, pls go for it. At times it’s what keeps some guys at home with their gf/wives. Don’t settle for what you know tomorrow will look sour to you.

9. Look, money is good. Infact it’s sweet but don’t make it the bedrock of loving someone. Riches will never buy you real happiness and love.

10. s*x. Don’t come and quote bible for me please. I may be reading it better than you. Bible condemns pre-marital s*x but then, the generation we find ourselves are changing and so should we. No human keeps all the bible principles. It’s not an excuse for encouraging pre-marital s*x but Your s*x life can ruin your happiness, your relationships even marriage. If your s*x life is bad, it leads to infidelity. So I will say, please make love to her and find out if you are sexually compatible in that area but please do not subject her to relentless styles if she is not ok with it.

11. Don’t bring your family troubles or relationships issues into social media. It’s not everyone that’s happy you are in love remember. Keep it to yourself or seek help from a relationship adviser.

12. We guys, please try and keep your man-hood one place kwanu. Make her the only custodian and she will love you like kilode. Most girls are not even after your money but your love and attention. Give it to her excessively without blink and see how good your life will be and ladies please do same.‎

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