Eva Alordiah Confirms Split From Her Fiance, Ceasar Ola Olajide

Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah hass finally confirmed that she is now single , ending her relationship with her fiance, Ceasar. She shared a message on her Instagram page this evening revealing the split happened a day ago and she just want to focus on writing .

She wrote :

Single Again and not quite sure I was ready for the other side . Feels so familiar, this Single life , yet so new .
I have been single for only 1 Day and I already feel
My friends always used to Tease me and tell me I love ‘ Love ’ .
I have finally accepted this is True . I do Love Love . What LEO Woman doesn ’t ?
# ThatWasAReallyGoodMan and I may be silly to let him go but it’ s okay cause now # YouCanHaveHimSisters My head feels wobbly.
I write a great deal don ’ t I ?
Maybe this happened so I can find a way to get back in my head and stroke the balls of my sleeping muse .
I want a Cat .
I have had dogs all my Life and they made for best of Friends those years I was Single .
Should I get a Cat ?
I feel like If I finally do get a Cat it would be an all black one with Eyes that Gleam in the Darkness.
Darkness: What lies in the wake of a Love never to be felt again .
I want a Cat and I want to Write.
No not Write Rap . Not that .
It would be so wonderful to write a new Novel.
I’ d think about this in the coming days and let you know what I decide.
Hey don ’ t feel sad for me. I let a Good man go, that must be a good thing no ?
I want to write a Novel.
I have to write .
I am going to Write.
I need to Write.
I am Writing .
Don’ t Ask about me, I have gone to Write.
I AM a Writer, First .
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