Toolz Talks On Work, Love, Marriage & More As She Features On Accelerate TV’s ‘The Cover’ Magazine

After launching her new show with Accelerate TV, media personality Toolz is the latest star to feature on “ The Cover “.

The media personality dishes on work, fashion, love, marriage and much more with the magazine.

Read excerpts below

On what love means to her: Love means so many different things, but love, I would say is one of the best feelings in the world. Though difficult to explain, I feel it is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

On the most romantic thing her Husband has done: There was one Valentine’s Day that we weren’t going to be in the same country. And here’s what he did; for about a week or ten days, I got a gift and a little note sent to my office. Basically, the gifts contained various charms, because he has given me a charm bracelet earlier. So I got different things and a different note for ten days. Yeah, that was about the most romantic thing ever.

On the journey on becoming Toolz: When I started working at Beat FM I thought, ‘Okay I am going to make sure I do very well at this.’ I didn’t think people would know who I was. I just thought people would say “Oh there’s this girl on Beat FM, she’s got great voice and she plays good music but does you know what she looks like?…No…no..”

I thought that was going to be it. When things changed, I was like okay I wasn’t really expecting this, because, in the UK, I didn’t actually really know what a lot of my favourite radio presenters looked like. I recognise their voices and I will always listen to their shows but I wasn’t too concerned with what they looked like so when I came here and things were a bit different, I wasn’t prepared for it at all.



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