Beyonce And Jay Z Are Reportedly Building A £1m Maternity Ward In Their Mansion For Home Birth

American superstars , Beyoncé and Jay Z are reportedly building a £1million maternity suite in their Hollywood mansion as she prepares to give birth to her twins at home .

The power couple , who are the world’s richest celebrity couple , are ensuring that Beyoncé has a hitch free birth in their home with a fully kitted maternity suite .

Mail reported that the star decided against a hospital birth and has had “ an entire professional neonatal wing shipped into the couple’s “ £100 ,000-a -month rented property”.

A van full of high tech medical kit including incubators have been shipped to the couple’
s Hollywood mansion .

A neighbour was quoted as saying ,
“It is all about privacy and safety. It ’s not usual for someone expecting twins to have them at home , but Beyoncé has discussed it with her doctors.

She’s in prime physical condition and they are setting up a professional maternity unit inside the house for the birth . ”

There will also be an ambulance on standby to take her to Cedars -Sinai Hospital should she or the babies need hospital care.

Jay Z can be seen going in and out of the property but Beyoncé is lying low.

According to reports, the couple chose a home birth after receiving negative media attention when Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy in New York’ s Lenox Hill hospital in 2012 .

Some patients complained after the couple rented out an entire floor and that their “ entourage were heavy handed” and wouldn ’t let visitors inside the hospital .

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