Seyi Law Comes For Father Who Called Her Daughter Tiwaloluwa Kung Fu Panda

Comedian Seyi Law, went below the belt with a  father who thought it wise to insult his daughter Tiwalolouwa.

The funny man dealt with the man by sharing a photo of him and his kid on IG then penning words deep enough to hurt an entire generation.

He wrote:

No wonder, Yoruba people talk sey Lantern no dey see e own yansh.
Imagine @arigu12 coming on my page to call my daughter KUNG FU PANDA. I be wan abuse am until I stumbled on this picture and I decided to Thank God for my own.
Stupidity is not foolishness, but remaining in foolishness despite correction is Stupidity. @arigu12, enjoy your cheap Publicity at the detriment of your children.

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