Beverly Osu Gushes About Kate Henshaw

Actress Beverly Osu, had nothing but sweet words to describe and wish senior colleague, Kate Henshaw on her birthday which happens to be today.

She wrote:

Falling in love with you was easy, staying in love with you is easier.. we have never met but I feel so connected to you … You’re a QUEEN for real & I adore what you are made of (hardworking, God fearing,positive , cheerful, Realness yet so free spirited) @k8henshaw you are a strong woman, May God keep blessing you with all your heart desires, As you keep being a blessing to nollywood… ok I don’t want this looking like a love letter so I stop here☺️☺️☺️.. but I do love and adore you @k8henshaw .. have a blast keep smiling , keep dancing 🙌🏿🙌🏿

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