‘Confidence Gave Me The Crown’ – Miss Tourism Ogun 2016/2017, Nwankwo Chinyere Gift

Beautiful, elegant and extremely hardworking are the few words that describe Nwankwo Chinyere Gift, Miss Tourism Ogun, 2016/2017.

The stunning beauty queen who not only won the coveted crown but conquered hearts as well in a candid conversation with TheRealIBK talks about her journey to victory, her personal style, her plans for the future and lots more

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Hello, Can we get to know you?

I am Nwankwo Chinyere Gift. Current Miss Tourism Ogun 2016/2017. A graduate of Botany in Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State. I’m from a family of five. I am the second in the family. I am 22 years old.

What inspired you to register for the Miss Tourism Ogun Nigeria competition?

My friend inspired me because I told her I wanted to go for Miss Tourism Nigeria and she ask me to go for MTOG first.


Did you see yourself winning/go with the intention of winning or it  just came as a surprise?

Yes I saw myself winning because I don’t believe in losing even if I was going to.

How did you feel when you won miss tourism 2016/2017?

Well, I was very happy, I was really filled with joy.


What do think were your strong points that earned you the crown?

My confidence, my talent , my smile, my composure.

What major life lessons did you learn throughout your reign as Miss Tourism Ogun?

How to be tolerant and be myself,also on how to do my best and leave the rest.

What have you done or intend to do with the empowerment and fame that has come with your position?

To make good use of it by reviving some of the  tourist site and also looking into helping or attending to the widows.

Did the fact that you are from the Eastern part of the country discourage you from contesting for the crown of Miss Tourism in the western part of the country?

At first I was wondering if it is going to work or not since I’m from the eastern part but as a goal getter I had to make up my mind and also with the help of my friends too. I had to go and hope for something reasonable to come out of it and today it’s what it is.


You went on to contest for Miss NYSC,Niger State. What role do you think being a beauty queen played in helping you win?

Being a beauty queen helped me to know what it takes to win. First my charisma, my smile, my catwalk, my confidence and lastly ways of answering questions so I came out for Miss NYSC Niger State because I know what it takes already.

What’s the highlight of your modeling career?

Well, the idea of modeling career is what I have always loved; Yes I am into modeling, like i said, Modeling is what I have always loved; I have the right attitude, experience, and looks to be a successful model. Although I have only had a brief stint in modeling, I am all set to work at random schedules and offbeat work-hours. I love taking pictures so much and one day my mom said why not just be a model and live with cameras forever. What keeps inspiring me is my dream that one day i will be MISS WORLD and be given the opportunity to be a good ambassador of the youth one day.


What defines your style and what are your favorite accessories and clothing?

I love dresses and traditional attires

Any further plans as regards education?

Yes but not soon.

Who are those that influence your style and what do you have to say to those that admire your style? 

Number one person is Yvonne Nelson.

Put effort into what you know how to do the most and have confidence in yourself. Also never say NEVER because it’s for the weak.

How have you been able to successfully combine being an entrepreneur, a model and a beauty queen?

Trust me it’s not my doing, it has been God helping me out in successfully combining entrepreneurship, modelling and being a beauty queen.

Any advice for the incoming Queen?

Firstly, you have to believe in yourself, then put effort into what you know how to do the most and have confidence in yourself. Learn how to tolerate everyone also never say NEVER because it’s for the
weak. Just be a goal getter. Thank you. 

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