Burnaboy: I Believe In Being Real

Famed artiste, Burnaboy, has given a little insight to his person.

Burna who is known to speak his mind about any situation, caring less whose ass is gored, has made it known he does not like to sugarcoat things, he prefers to tell the truth and deal with the consrquences.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, he said:

“I am someone who calls a spade a spade. I say it as I see it, and I don’t like to sugarcoat things. I believe in being real and I don’t have time for industry politics. There is a lot of fakeness in the industry; people say one thing, yet they mean another. For me, I wouldn’t say anything behind your back. I would say whatever I want to say right to your face, and that’s the end. I believe in expressing myself immediately and after that, it’s over; I move on. But in this industry, if you speak the truth, you begin to look like the odd one out and that’s not cool. That’s why I don’t have lots of friends in the industry because I like to keep to myself.”

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