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238Million Rescue Operation To Save Spanish Boy Trapped In Well For 11days


Spanish mine experts trying to save a two-year-old boy who fell down a well have completed a relief shaft and are trying to tunnel across into the youngster.

Rescuers completed the 300-ft shaft beside the original well and are now set to dig across in an effort to save the youngster. The boy fell into the narrow well on the private estate in Totalan, southern Spain on January 13. Two rescuers are being lowered to the bottom of the shaft in this cage before beginning the delicate task of tunnelling into the borehole and hopefully finding Julen Rescuers have spent 11 days sinking a 300-ft shaft beside a bore hole where 2-year-old Julen fell on January 13.

It is understood the rescuers are going to use a capsule in the rescue attempt.

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