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Alan Garcia Is Died! Shot Himself Before Arrest


Former Peruvian president Alan Garcia has died after shooting himself in the neck after a warrant for his arrest was issued. Peru’s current president confirmed that Garcia had died, saying he was “dismayed”.

The former Latin leader was being arrested over corruption allegations after apparently taking bribes from a construction company.

He was taken to José Casimiro Ulloa Hospital in Lima at 6.45am local time (12.45pm GMT). Peru’s Health Minister Zulema Tomas confirmed that Garcia underwent emergency surgery at the hospital, and suffered three heart attacks.

He was being arrested over corruption claims after allegedly taking illegal payments from Odebrecht, a Brazilian construction giant. It was part of a wider investigation over bribery during the construction of Lima’s metro system during his 2006-2011 government.

Garcia denied ever receiving any money from Odebrecht and claims he is the victim of false testimony by his political enemies.

The firm is at the centre of Latin America’s biggest scandal after it admitted that it paid corrupt officials across the region almost $800m (£613m) in exchange for lucrative construction contracts, during a plea agreement with the US Justice Department in 2016.

Various Latin politicians have been jailed as a result of the scandal, including another former Peruvian leader, Pedro Pablo Kucyznski, who was detained last week as part of a probe into financial ties to the construction firm.

On Tuesday evening, Kucyznski was also taken to hospital with reported high blood pressure.

69-year old Alan Garcia first came to power in the 1980s, with a presidency marred by rampant corruption, hyperinflation and the rise of the Shining Path guerrilla movement.

He returned to power two decades later as a more conservative leader, where he played a role in ushering in an investment boom.

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