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Amazing transformation! Young boy all smiles 4 years after he was branded a witch, abused and abandoned by his family


Danish aid worker, Anja Ringgren Loven on Tuesday, posted before and after photos of a young boy she and her team rescued in 2015 after he was accused of being a witch.

Read her post on Facebook below:

“Destiny 2015 vs. 2019
Back in November 2015, almost 4 years ago, David Emmanuel Umem and our director of child development Nsidibe Orok were called for a rescue by one of the local villagers.
During our fieldwork we establish a very important relation with the local villagers. They get our contact number and become our eyes and ears in the local communities. It was actually a local villager who called us and reported about Hope.
Even though the local villagers are superstitious does not mean that they want children to be killed. The relationship we have established over the years with many local communities through our fieldwork has saved the lives of many of our children.
When David and Orok came to the village they found Destiny wearing only a pair of trousers with big holes. He had been abused and left alone on the street, accused of being a witch.
Today Destiny is a very healthy and energetic boy who loves to go to school. He loves to play football but he is a bad loser Sunday his team lost the final and he was in pain for one whole day Football and men ?
Today, as you can see in the first picture, taken by me today, Destiny is back in full speed”

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