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Angels Field Schools hold first joint bi-annual interhouse sports competition


It was fun and fair recently as the leading Montessori and high schools in Alimosho, Angels Field Montessori and Royal Angels Field High Schools held their first ever joint bi-annual interhouse sports competition which God’s Concordance House won.

The schools, which are located at Aboru Federal Housing Estate, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos State made history as most parents and audience rated the sporting events high despite being the maiden edition.

The event kicked off with the lighting of the Torch of Unity, which was passed round the field with the sport prefect, Oluwatoba Lawal, and the sports director, Abiola Eweje, swearing to an oath upholding the law of Athletics Federation of Nigeria.

During the competition, which featured march past, toddlers, nursery, lower nursery, upper nursery and parents’ events, God’s Concordance House came first in overall, Ojelabi House took the second position, while Oyekanmi House placed third.

Speaking at the competition, the founder and proprietress of the schools, Mrs. Omolayo Oseni, said the role of sports activities in developing a total child should not be underestimated, stating that sports, apart from developing a competitive spirit in children, releases energy and joy into the school environment, which fosters friendship among children of diverse natures, characters and backgrounds.

Mrs. Oseni said events like this imbibe the culture of sportsmanship in the children, which is one of the tools needed in surviving as adults.

According to the chairman of the schools, Alh. Akeem Oseni, “I’m highly impressed by the success of the event despite being the first one. From what I have seen today, I promise to be more involved financially in ensuring that the schools remain one of the best in Alimosho.”

Alh. Oseni, who also came second in the male parents’ race, made known his readiness in ensuring that students of Angels Field schools have the best learning environment in the country.

The sport event, which featured long and short races, Planting The Flag, Filling The Basket With Balls, Pyramid Building and more, also had students from different schools participating.

Other activities include Karate display and cheer leading presentation.

In his remarks, chairman of the event, Mr. Ikwuezunma, implored other parents in Alimosho and beyond to consider both Angels Field schools as the only choices for their children. In his words, “Being a parent in the school for more than four years now, I can tell you categorically that I have never regretted my actions in sending my kids to the school.

“The school your children attend is the pinnacle of your achievements in life because the foundation they have now shapes what they would later become in life. Angels Field and Royal Angels High School happen to be the best in the whole of Alimosho considering the number of years it started operations in comparison with those with over 15years.”

Based on her quest for excellence and despite the high reviews of the maiden edition of the sporting competition, Mrs. Oseni, when asked, insisted that she would rate the outcome of the event 60%. She said, “Well, despite the high reviews the parents were giving the event, I would rate it 60% because I still saw where we could have done better.”

On what was the vision behind the school, she said, “The school was established because Aboru people yearn for quality education and I also wanted to build lifelong learners equipped with necessary tools for successful future changes.

“And ever since we opened our doors, the responses have been great and the school is moving forward.”

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