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Chidera Eggerue Marks International Women’s Day In Style, Encourages Women


Chidera Eggerue TheSlumflower marks 2019 international women’s day in style, encourages women!

Ms Eggerue Aka TheSlumflower, is an award winning author and blogger. She has made impact internationally with her #SaggyBo*bsMatter. She encourages women a lot on body positivity.

Celebrating women via her international women’s day message, the 24-year-old founder of #SaggyBo*bsMatter, TheSlumflower wrote:

“This International Women’s Day, my love goes to the women who have breastfed babies, to the women who have survived breast cancer, to the women who lost weight and lost the plump in their bo*bs too, to the women who’ve had implants/reductions, and to the women simply born saggy-bo*bed. Whatever your bo*bs look like, they are YOURS and you do not owe a single soul perkiness unless YOU want to change that and there’s nothing wrong with that. (Surgery isn’t entirely the enemy here: PATRIARCHY is). #SAGGYBO*BSMATTER”

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