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Covenant University Sets Aside N4 Billion For International Staff Recruitment


Covenant University, Ota unveiled its plan to recruit foreign faculty during the past administration of vice chancellor CK Ayo. The international recruitment drive is in line with Times Higher Education’s(A leading Consultant In Higher Education) requirement for world class universities to have a minimum of 19% of her staff and students as foreigners.

The University would engage international faculty as either full or visiting staff. In the case of visiting staff, the lecturers would be required to lecture fully in CU for one semester(3 months) – minimum. After which they can relocate to their home countries’ universities of primary assignment. The appointment of foreign staff would be renewable each year.

The University has set aside initial of about 10 million USD to recruit foreign faculty. However, Covenant University would focus more on foreign faculty of Nigerian descent. This maintains a balance between the pan africanist mandate and a desire to have foreign faculty from leading research institutions. The recruitment drive would also help to bring the university into the expected 7:1 student – staff ratio which it expects to have realised by 2022. This would help Covenant surpass Times Higher Education assessment of top 200 universities in the world which are found to have a 11:1 staff – student ratio.

According to Times Higher Education, Internalisation is proof of a university’s reputation. And reputation is a proxy to quality, therefore internationalization remains a critical part of any university ranking process. Apart from that, Internationalization helps universities to be grounds of cross fertilization of ideas and melting pot of culture.

Covenant University is also looking to increase the allotment of International students to 19% of total student population.

The University’s strategy for this is to use the existent infrastructure of her proprietor base in several African countries to aid increasing foreign recruitment of students.

In addition to this, the university would be translating to a major center for post graduate education with an overall 2:1 student population in favour of post graduate students.

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