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Cows in Russia are fitted with virtual reality headsets in order to help them relax and stimulate milk production


While cows in Nigeria are trekking all over in country in search of greener pastures, cows in Russia are living the champagne life. lol..

Farmers in Russia have been experimenting with virtual reality goggles as a tool to relax cows and increasing milk production.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in the Moscow region, Sets of virtual reality goggles, modified for the shape of cow heads and displaying a “unique summer field simulation program,” were placed on cows.

So far, it’s unclear if the glasses have helped milk production — further study will be needed for that. But a first test did reveal a decrease in anxiety and an increase in the emotional mood of the herd, the release said.

The program was reportedly developed on the basis of an analysis by Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands, which concluded that environmental conditions can significantly impact cattle health and the quality of milk.

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