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Debbie Larry Izamoje, Daughter Of CEO Of Brila FM – Larry Izamoje


24-year old Debbie, an Information Management degree holder, and with a Masters degree in Management to her name, established “Image Booster” and “Entrepreneur’s Best Friend” – the former is a digital agency that handles campaigns, online story sharing, and other communication parts of digital marketing; the latter, a passion-driven commitment to helping budding businesses. She explained, “my real passion comes from sitting down with entrepreneurs, teaching them what to do, and helping them, which is the concept behind Entrepreneur’s Best Friend; but most of my money comes from Image Booster.” Lately, I have growing doubts about my sense of humor but I made an attempt at a joke by saying to Debbie: “since you referred to Entrepreneur’s Best Friend as your real passion, then Image Booster has to be your money passion.” She simply chuckled.

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