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“F*** money. I will send my money errand cos I gat it” Bobrisky boasts ahead of his birthday


Bobrisky is planning an elaborate party to celebrate his birthday on August 31 and he’s boasted ahead of the party that it will be the talk of the town.

The cross-dresser shared photos of the hall where the party will be held and also photos of the decor he has in mind. He went on to say money will not be a problem when it comes to getting the birthday celebration of his dreams.

He wrote: “I remember when my party planner said to me that dis table decor should only be for my VIP guest because its expensive to decorate all my guest table like dis. I laugh that dis woman don’t know me. I told her all my guest that day are equal. So dis decoration should be on all my guest table that I will pay the money. Fuck money I will send my money errand cos I gat it. Money will not send us errand pls say amen ”

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