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Fortune Marshal: My Ex Used Juju To Marry Me


Nollywood actress Fortune Marshal has revealed that her ex-husband used juju to marry her.

According to the Nigerian-based Ghanaian/Jamaican actress, she has finally learned her lesson on relationships, the hard way.

Marshall also revealed that her ex-husband was emotionally and physically abusive towards her. She also stated that after they ended things, the sid man took her kids from her for many years, before she eventually got them back.

Speaking in an interview, the mom of two said;

“I started acting since 2008 in Ghana. I came to Nigeria in 2009 and joined the industry in 2010. I was a product of domestic violence. I dropped out of the university in my second year due to financial difficulties. It was also the year I got pregnant for the man who got me through voodoo (charms). Life wasn’t easy for me then. I had to do odd jobs to cater for myself because the man wasn’t helping but rather abusing me physically and emotionally.

“I was under his spell until God saved me from him. We had two kids; he took them from me; for many years I didn’t see them until two years ago. I went and took the younger one in his absence. I have one son with me presently. For now, I don’t want to think about re-marriage, I just want to focus on my career, myself and my son, because we need a lot of catching up to do. Maybe after that, I will give my heart another chance to love.”

On if she decides to give marriage a second try, Marshal said it will be a person she shares “same values and visions” with her.

“Most times I tell ladies, there is nothing like Mr Right when you share the same value and vision with a man, then you are compatible,” she stated.

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