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I’d Be Worried If Men Don’t Make Passes At Me – Uche Elendu


Uche Elendu who in a new interview stated that she is will be worried if men don’t make passes at me, disclosed that she is willing to give marriage a try again.

The single mother in the interview with Sunday Scoop disclosed she learnt from her first marriage to never be in a hurry, and further added that she is not in need of male attention. Uche Elendu said;

“Of course, I am a very beautiful woman and I should get passes. If nobody makes a pass at me, then I’d be worried. But as a Christian, I do things right. I am mature enough to control things and make the right decisions.

“I am definitely willing to give marriage another shot. From my first marriage, I learnt not to be in a hurry to do anything. Don’t be in a haste to jump into marriage; you should really take your time to make sure that you’re with the right person and you’re both compatible. I got married to a very wonderful man but I guess we were not compatible. Don’t just get married because everybody else is doing that, or based on a person’s good looks and money.

“Marriage is not friendship or courtship; it is a serious business. You also have to pray about it and that’s one of the mistakes I made because I didn’t pray about my marriage. When problems arise in your marriage, you should be able to endure. I guess I was always too quick to act. Give God a chance in your marriage.”

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