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Italian newspaper refuse to apologise for its ‘Black Friday’ front page which many felt was racist


Top Italian Newspaper Corriere dello Sport has refused to apologise for their ‘Black Friday’ front page cover of former Manchester United players Romelu Lukaku and Chris Smalling, who now play for Inter Milan and Roma respectively….

The newspaper’s Thursday morning ‘black friday’ headline with photos of both players, were used as preview ahead of Friday night’s match between the player’s two clubs at the San Siro.

But the headline was met with outrage from fans and readers who allege the magazine producers are racist by singling the players out based on the colour of their skin.

But the editors of the newspaper have refused to apologize and claim the ‘innocent title’ has been ‘transformed into poison by those with poison inside’

In response Corriere editor Ivan Zazzaroni posted a statement on his paper’s website, claiming the paper’s intention was to celebrate the ‘magnificent wealth of diversity’ in football.

Zazzaroni wrote: ‘”Black Friday”, for those who want to understand it and can understand it, was only praising diversity, taking pride in diversity, the magnificent wealth of diversity. If you don’t understand it, it’s because you can’t do that.

‘It’s an innocent article, perfectly argued by (journalist) Roberto Perrone, that has been made poisonous by those who have poison inside them.’

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