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Lagos State Commissioner of Police Commends Motorbike Hailing Service ORide on Safety and Security


The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, CP Zubairu Muazu has commended Opay’s motorbike hailing service, ORide, on the safety and security measures the company has put in place in the State.

The CP made a courtesy visit to the company’s head office in Alausa, Ikeja on Thursday, September 26, 2019.

The Commissioner received a warm welcome from the ORide team lead by Country Manager of OPay, Iniabasi Akpan along with the Partnerships team.

The Commissioner of Police expressed his excitement with OPay concerning ORide which launched in May 2019 and how the company’s operation model has helped reduce criminal activities in Lagos State.

ORide ensures that riders (motorbikers) are not only trained to international standards (and by third-party verified trainers) but also undergo verification processes before they join the programme. Some other processes include providing two guarantors and a riders license.

“I know for the riders, you are engaging them in training, you have do’s and don’ts for them. They aren’t like the regular bikers you see on the road and it’s well regulated. First and foremost you are sure of who you are journeying with and the person is well trained”, The Police Commissioner noted.
The Commissioner also expressed his happiness on how ORide has gainfully and reasonably employed thousands of people in the past four months since its launch.

He then assured OPay of the support of the Nigerian Police Force and wishes his best to the organization.

Mr Akpan also pleaded with the Commissioner for the Police to show even more support to the riders who have faced harassment from touts to which

The CP and the management discussed certain challenges ORide bikers have faced from touts who harass the riders to which Mr Akpan also pleaded with the Commissioner for the Police to show even more support.
ORide is an on-demand motorbike ride-hailing service created with the vision to solve the transportation challenge of getting people and goods to their destination, in a timely and safe fashion. ORide is a service featured in the OPay app.

Since its launch in May 2019, the service has expanded to 11 other cities in the South-West, South-East and North.

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