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Leading Montessori school organises first inter-house sports event in Lagos


The leading international private school in Iyana Ipaja, Angels Field, would be organising its first ever inter-house sports competition.

The event has been marked to be a memorable one as preparations towards its success are in top gear according to proprietress of the school, Omolayo Oseni.

“Some days of the week are set aside for practising and preparing for our first inter-house sports competition in order to ensure we have a successful one,” she announced at a press conference.

Omolayo Oseni, Founder/Proprietress, Angels Field Montessori & Royal Angels High School

When asked on the need for such event, Oseni, who is also the founder of the government recognised Montessori school said, “Aside from the fun derived from such events by the pupils, it is also an important platform to groom younger generations in sports and other areas in order to bring out the seed of greatness in them.”

On the activities marked down for the day, Oseni said,”There are many sporting events which are projected to help in children mental development that would be taking place on that day.”

“The pupils are training to entertain the parents and audience on track and field, karate display, and cheerleading.”

One thing that makes the school unique is the team work between the school management and parents in the individual growth of a child.

According to Oseni, “At Angel Field, the whole school works together as a team to ensure every child has a positive, happy and rewarding school experience. Parent and teachers are true partners in the learning process, encouraging pupils to strive and achieve their best.

“To know the extent of cooperation and team work that exist between the management and the parents, the four houses that would be participating in the inter-house sports; namely Ojelabi, God’s Concordance, Cute Kids and Oyekanmi Houses, are owned by four of our parents.”

The event would be coming up on April 6, 2019 at Command Secondary School, Command, Lagos promises to be a memorable one, while other information about the school can be gotten on

Angels Field School is an early years and basic school, complemented with spacious and well ventilated classes for early years learning.

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