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Madonna shares nude photo taken when she was 19 and explains why she modeled naked


Madonna, who is popularly referred to as the Queen of Pop, has shared a nude photo taken when she was 19 while revealing the story behing the photo.

The American singer took a number of naked photos when she was 19. She said she was a student at the time and she did it “to pay the rent”. She added that people tried to shame her afterwards but she refused to be shamed. She wrote:

“I am 19. Living in NYC . A student at Martha Graham School of Dance. I modeled For Art Schools around the city to pay the rent. Painting, Drawing and Photography classes. Many of these photos were sold to Playboy and Penthouse when I became famous. The Photographer’s Exploited Me and then the Patriarchy tried to Shame me for Being Naked. I told the Press “i Was Not Ashamed” and this became headline news. And this turned into A collaboration between Warhol and Haring! . I am the proud owner of 4 of these paintings. Given to me later. as a wedding gift. . You cannot stop Art by trying to shame it. Creation always wins.”

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