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Music is food for the soul, says dancer Kaffy


As one of the contestants for the Lagos City Marathon which took place at the weekend, popular dancer, Kafayat Shafau, better known as Kaffy, almost missed out of the event due to cold. She revealed that she however said she got motivated to complete the race with her team at the sound of music, which she described as food to the soul.

“Kudos to my team, they all weren’t prepared to do the 10km lol. Because I had a bad cold so I said am not sure I would run, let’s just go and motivate and warm up the crowd.

“But my passion for running over shadowed the cold o lol, and before I knew it we were on the street. The beauty of it was that a lot of people were inspired to finish the race because of our mobile DJ. Kudos to the man of the hour @magnet_teddyking (carried it for over 6km) as well as @dbrightomon and a young lad we met on the street who carried the boom box all the way. Music is indeed food for the soul”.

Other celebrities who took part in the race include Kate Henshaw, Monalisa Chinda, Beverly Osu, Uzo Osimkpa, Wofai Fada, and Gbenro Ajibade, who got a gold medal.

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