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Nigerians are sentenced to 1,000 years in Ghana – Governor Umahi


Governor Dave Umahi has raised an alarm over the jail sentences handed to Nigerians in Ghana and other countries around world.

The Ebonyi State Governor who said that some Nigerians are being subjected to eternal pain due to their pursuit of wealth, further stated that some Nigerians are being sentenced to between 500 and 1,000 years in Ghanaian jails and other countries.

In his speech on Tuesday at the 59 Independence Day anniversary at the Pa Uruta Ngele Township Stadium, Abakaliki, Governor Dave Umahi said the way Nigerians are being treated outside the shores of the country should make everyone evaluate themselves.

He said, “The way we are being treated outside the shores of this country should make us to evaluate ourselves.

“I get a lot of phone calls from people in Ghana saying that a lot of our people were sentenced to 500 and some 1,000 years’ in imprisonment.”

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