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Chivita leads campaign for 100% Fruit Juice Consumption


Driven by the deep sense of responsibility to provide healthy refreshment to Nigeria, the Managing Director, Chi Limited, Roy Deepanjan, has saidthere is a need to educate and correct the misconceptions about fruit juice. Some of these misconceptions are not only misleading but have also constituted hindrancesto enjoying the bounty of nature in fruit juice.

The Chi head also noted that the rate of fruit juice consumption in Nigeria is far less than the per capital global average. He said, “according to an account, fruit juice constitutesabout three per cent of total liquid consumed by Nigerians,a far cry from global average which stands at nine per cent. This implies that Nigerian are losing out on the health benefits of fruit juice”

Deepanjan, who spoke at the Chivita Media Immersionsession held at the company’s corporate headquarters in Lagos, said the company came up with the ‘no-added sugar’and healthy living initiative to educate discerning consumers on sugar and benefits of drinking juice daily.

According to him, the companycurrently controls about 50 per cent of the juice market through its diverse offerings catering to wide-ranging consumer needs anddemographicswith the ChivitaJuices portfolio. Through this campaign the company isleading the conversation around the health benefits of 100% fruit juice while demystifying the sugar debacle and other headwinds that have inhibited adoption of fruit juice consumption as a lifestyle like other developed climes.

“Our passion to produce nutritious and healthy brands has over the years led to the birth of qualitybrands including Chivita 100% Fruit Juice, introduced in 1996. Chivita 100% Fruit Juice, is made from 100% real natural fruits, with no added sugar, colour or preservatives. Like we always say: Itsfruit Juice at its best” he concluded.

Also speaking at the event, Marketing Director, Probal Bhattacharya, said the company was compelled by the level ofmisinformation about fruit juice and sugar to start the campaign. He noted that the campaign which started last year would provide the correct information consumers need to make the right choices.

He said: “As a stakeholder, we are committed to the production of quality and healthy foods. But it is not enough to provide nutritional solutions. As a socially-responsible company, we also have a responsibility to inform and educate consumers.

“In doing this, we started this campaign last year, hoping to support the sharing of unbiased information on the benefits of 100% fruit juice,bythe independent efforts of experts such as scientists, nutritionists and dieticians to show how 100% fruit juice contributes to the health and wellness of consumers. We have sustained the campaign this year with more consumer engagements.”

Chi Limited is one of the most admired companies in the Food & Beverages domain, offering products that are themselves benchmarks in their respective categories and reputable for its highest quality, nutrition & health standards. Chivita is the undisputed market leader in juices in Nigeria. The company attained this status by consistently delivering innovative products that have become household names.

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