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Rodrigo Duterte Brags About His Huge Manhood


Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, who addressed supporters at a public rally bragged about his huge joystick and sexual prowess. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte who bragged about his huge joystick, disclosed that when he  lived at the YMCA in Manila as a student he would walk around butt Unclad.

According to him,  the sight of his joystick drew admiration from other residents claiming they would stare at it.Duterte who further stated that a man’s good looks count for nothing if he doesn’t measure up, added he has a very impressive member which “points all the way up.” According to him, he would have been furious if God had given him a smaller joystick.

“If God gave me a small joystick, I would have cut it in front of the altar,” he said, drawing laughs from the crowd. Son of a b*tch, is this all you have given me?” As a student in Manila, he said “My towel, I won’t (wrap it around me). I will just walk towards them (Unclad) – they would admire me. (They’d tell me) ‘Son of a b*tch, Duterte, you’re so hard!’””When I was young, (my joystick) almost looked up to the sky.” The leader added: “I’m very thankful to my father. At least he let me out into the world highly-equipped.”

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