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Rosy Meurer Slams Lady Who Accused Her Of Breaking Tonto Dikeh’s Home


Popular actress, Rosy Meurer has hit out at a lady who accused and cursed her for breaking Tonto Dikeh’s home.

Taking to social media, the lady identified as, @Chidera2012, accused and cursed Rosy Meurer for breaking the home of Tonto Dikeh. The lady wrote;

“Karma is real pain ,agony sorrow veil never depart frm ur life ,happiness joy ,peace veil be far frm u all the days of ur life,the fatherly love u deny Toto son ,so will the angels of children deny u and ur unborn children that fatherly love

As expected, this didn’t go down well with Rosy and she instantly replied with harsh words, see what she wrote;

“You shall die young, your children and unborn children shall be motherless, before you finally die, suffering shall be your portion, you will look for hapiness and never find, you will look for favor and very find, blessings shall see you and be running, problems will be your portion, everything you lay your hands on shall fail terribly, frustration, depression, sicknesses shall be your portion and after you die in sorrow and unbearable pains, YOUR OWN born and unborn children will pass through the same phase you passed through. Suffering will favor them with mysterious illnesses, hate shall find them like you found me, unfortunate situations will be their companion, and when they give birth to their own children if they ever do, the same thing shall fall on them till your generations are all wiped off from the worst things this world can offer. In your miserable frustrated life never ever conic to my page to insult my unborn. Cursed sacrificial child. If you don’t know a shorty keep your stinking mouth in your unkept decaying vagina. Dead cell. Get a life and get lost.

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