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Seyi Hunter: I Took A Break From Acting To Learn More About S*x


Actress Seyi Hunter, has said she made the decision to take a break from acting so she could have enough time to learn more about s*x.

She made this revelation in an interview with a major news outlet. She continued;

“I took a break from my movie career last year to learn more about s*x education and therapy. I did some courses on S*x Education and Human Sexuality to make me a certified s*x educator. However, I just produced a movie titled, The Return. I’m also currently working on another production and I have scripts lined up from other filmmakers. So, it’s already a busy year.”

Seyi Hunter who also talks more about s*x on her vlog, gives reason on why she does that:

“When I started my vlog, Sinful Friday, I realised that it was a welcome idea. It felt like Nigerians and the rest of the world had been waiting for me. People are in need of someone to teach them s*xual skills and pleasure. I’m good at it and I’m an expert in the game. So, I decided to focus on everything that has to do with s*x.”

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