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Stop using our movie poster to deceive fans, says Jaye Kuti


Tross-over actress and producer Jaye Kuti, who is presently on location for a new project titled ‘Iya Afin’, has called on those using their movie posters to deceive their fans in watching the wrong movies online to cease from such acts, considering the hard work put in producing movies.

With two of her movies recently released, Jaye revealed that people had already seen the wrong movies with the belief that it was her work.

Uploading pictures of her sleeping on a mat, she wrote: “I was indeed tired and truly asleep on the set of ‘Iya Afin’ when uncle Yemi Solade took the pictures. My point now is this; some bastard will now pirate the job and not stop there.”

“‘Once’ the poster is out, they will put it on the movies on YouTube so that people can watch thinking it’s the original movie of yours.

“Check my movies Olori Amolegbe and Omolakeji, people were already watching wrong movies because my poster(s) were on the movies; resulting to many people seeing it before your movie is finally out.”

“They do this to many movies. My prayers to God is to reward our hard work and crown us with success. Straight from the heart.”

Meanwhile, a fan responding to the post blamed the high rate of piracy on the government. He stated: “Jaye, seriously I am one your addicted fans… Your ordeal in the hands of pirates who feed fat on your intellectual works is obviously becoming too unbearable and pain-inflicting, but who else can we blame here order than our government.

“Piracy law needs to be enforced and prosecuted offenders need to face a death penalty for destroying, robbing and killing others by stealing their intellectual properties. But it’s a pity in this part of the world that our lawmakers and law enforcers see nothing wrong in someone gradually killing others by stealing their intellectual properties, is it not absurd that they can propose death penalty for hate speech, but why can’t we have the same for those who steal someone’s intellectual property?”

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