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The First Plane Crash In Nigeria At Igbo Ilapa Hill In Ikogosi, Ekiti In 1942


the first plane crash in Nigeria occurred on April 12, 1942 at about 8:15pm on Igbo Ilapa Hill. It is a hill in Ikogosi town of Ekiti state. Ikogosi is the town where warm and cold spring co-exists on a spot. It attracted a lot of tourists.

The crash was during the World War II. A cargo plane loaded with ammunition which included explosives. Even after the crash, the explosives kept exploding for several hours. The explosion set the entire forest on fire which ended up destroying everything that existed there. Till this moment, two hole riddled engines and other body parts of the plane still lies on the hill.

Also, The first Nigerian owned aircraft to crash in Nigeria, happened on November 20, 1969. The crashed aircraft was a government-owned DC-10 aircraft. It was traveling from London and ended up crash-landing in Lagos. The crash claimed the lives of 87 passengers and a crew on board.

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