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The Plateau Massacre: A Genocide Too Many!

The Plateau Massacre: A Genocide Too Many!


I am greatly saddened by the incident in Plateau were over 150 Nigerian lives were lost to the attacks of armed bandits. This is highly worrisome, unfortunate and pathetic and we are pained by this recent attack that affected over 9villages in the state. I mourn and commiserate with the Governor and the good people of Plateau State over this heartless and ungodly genocide. This incident leaves one to just wonder what the reason for government is if the responsibility of protecting lives and property which is the cardinal purpose for government does not have bearing anymore. Indeed, Nigerians are wondering if we still have Security Agencies in this country! This bloodletting has surely gone too far and has challenged our right to live, has compromised our right to exist as a people and be protected and is certainly an embarrassment to us as a country. It has exposed the blight on the moral will of the government to do the needful and secure the people of this country.
These gruesome killings has threatened our fragile democracy and the very bond that we share as a nation, and if government is sincere, then, it must rise up with a definite response by launching a desperate search for these hoodlums and bring these criminals to justice! We also believe that why this blood baths have continued unabated is because, there have never been consequences on the part of the security chiefs each time they clearly show lack of capacity. We call for the immediate overhaul of our security system and the sacking of the relevant security agencies personnel.
We call for the citizens of Plateau to be calm and not take the laws into their hands, but, to use this to respond to this reckless national scenario by getting ready to use their PVC to defend their posterity and vote in the government they want come 2019 general elections.
May the souls of the departed rest in peace.
Chairman, LP

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