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Tonto Dikeh Stuns in Lovely New Picture in a Dress she claims she got for #1,500


Popular Nigerian Actress, Tonto Dikeh, shares new photo of her blue dress that cost less than #1,500.

Tonto Dikeh also reveals she has learnt a lot of lessons over the years over her reckless spending

She wrote:

“4/5 years ago I would never have blinked at a dress that cost nothing because I had the mentality that if it was cheap it wasn’t for me(���I mean who the heavens did I think I was? No wonder I got broke quick all the time��?? No wonder I had no plan and could execute no plan cos of my reckless spending))BOTTOMLINE I BOUGHT THIS DRESS FOR 1,500naria and was given 44naria change!!#THERE ARE CERTAIN THINGS THAT ONLY MATURITY AND EXPERIENCE CAN TEACH YOU!!”

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