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US Embassy in Nigeria increases tourism visa fee to N99, 900, blames FG for decision


The United States Embassy in Nigeria says effective from Thursday, August 29th this year, Nigerians applying for tourism, student and business visas will pay an additional $110 (N40, 700) to collect their visa if they are granted. This is asides the N59, 200 visa applicatuon fee.

According to a statement released by the Embassy today August 27th, applicants seeking the L1 Visa (work permit) will pay an extra N112, 100 if given visas while those applying for H4 Visa (dependency/spousal) will pay an extra N66, 600. The US Embassy adopted the rate of N370/$1 for Nigerians which is higher than both the official rate and the black market rate.

The Embassy says the increment was done based on reciprocity. It lamented that Americans seeking to come into Nigeria were being asked to pay exorbitant VISA fees by the Nigerian government and after all efforts to make the Federal government reduce the fee proved abortive, they took the decision to increase theirs.

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