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Women Need To Educate Themselves To Make Smarter Choices —Bukola Ogunrinde


Bukola Ogunrinde is a woman of many parts; she is the Creative Lead of Shawttynatt Media, founder of Shawttynatt Foods Hub, seasoned blogger/new media expert, celebrity manager, publicist, public speaker and the co-author of social media as a business tool.

In this interview with YEJIDE GBENGA-OGUNDARE, the former Public Relations Officer of the Digital Media Practitioners of Nigeria speaks on the need for women to create strings of income for financial empowerment, her passion for new media and life as an entrepreneur, among other issues.

Tell us a little about your background.

I am a graduate of Business Administration from the Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo, Lagos. I am also a Google certified digital media strategist. I also did more of logistics, warehousing and customer service. All these are playing perfectly well in my current career.

You are an influencer, advocate and you run your own business, how do you connect this to create an equilibrium?

This is not the easiest to merge; I use the same physical space to run the three careers I’m passionate about. I make a list and I follow them strictly, prioritise what needs my attention most. I keep reports separately to maintain accountability. Timing is the main factor and I manage it perfectly.

Which aspect of what you do is most enjoyable to you?

I would say influencing. I am able to connect with new people everyday and with a lot of people that do not agree with your shared thoughts. It’s interesting because you meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and different ideologies. It’s fun to me and also a learning ground

Which did you start with?

I started with brand influencing on social media in 2012.

How easy was it starting your food business?

Easy? No matter the capital, either large or small, it is not easy starting a business. Starting Shawttynattfoods wasn’t on a silver platter. I started this food business in 2016 and it was unbranded. I had to drop it in 2017, I knew I wasn’t ready. But what helped me was the platform I had created for myself through influencing, if I could sell other brands, why not my own brand.

What are your thoughts on women striving for financial independence?

The smarter the better, a lot of women need to educate themselves to make smarter choices, step by step plan is needed and staying true to their plans. Women also need to invest in themselves, either skills or courses, knowledge is never excessive. This way, we can stay relevant and be able to generate a good income at any stage in life. And we must be comfortable with any financial decisions we make in life. It won’t be an easy ride but it’s totally worth it


You can read the full interview on; tribuneonlineng

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